Thomas Logan

I’m an urban landscape photographer based in Boston and New York City.  My passion is capturing the essence of urban life and architecture, old and new. I try to showcase the city’s vibrant energy, from busy thoroughfares and sunsets behind towering skyscrapers to leisurely moments in the parks and back alleyways. 

Throughout the years I’ve enjoyed studying images of New York and other major cities by historic photographers that were a testament to the richness of life in the urban jungle, incorporating past, present, and future in a singular vision.

Many past and present photographers have created a distinct work of art, evoking emotions of happiness, surprise, and wonder as they reveal the multifaceted character of the dynamic American metropolis. Motivated by their creativity, I attempt to shine a spotlight on the beauty and intrigue of New York, Boston and other amazing cities showcasing them as compelling destinations for those seeking adventure and inspiration.

Urban landscapes are a captivating tapestry of architecture, technology, and culture that showcase the evolution of cities. The vibrant streets, stunning skyscrapers, and diverse cultures create an enthralling atmosphere that stimulates the senses and feeds our curiosity. The ever-changing cityscape is full of hidden stories, making it a beautiful paradox of chaos and order that invites exploration. Whether wandering through bustling boulevards or gazing from afar, urban landscapes captivate our imaginations and inspire us to discover more.
Thomas Logan

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Let’s talk photography! Whether you’re a beginner or expert, let’s discuss methods, tools, lighting, and composition. Capturing mesmerizing images is truly gratifying. Feel free to contact me for questions and insights.

My images are available in many fine art, formats – some in limited edition. Let me know if you’re interested in beautifying your home or office.